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Bass World Trips pt2

Posted on: giugno 16, 2011

Parte due, sempre da generation bass:


found on: dangerousminds.net

Realized I had like 17 tracks on this world trips episode, I consulted with Mr editor and we decided to turn it into a Deluxe edition (see part 1), so enjoy!

The journey continues:


EarthCycle, the fresh producer from Japan, is back with another pimpin’ remix. This time he mixes the classic Stevie Wonder track PastTime Paradise! I just love what this guy is doing with the sounds!

Stevie Wonder – Pastime Paradise (EarthCycle Bootleg) by EarthCycle


The guy who made the grooviest swing track of 2010 (
rascalito’s (live version)) is back with another smooth house rocker! Phenomenal production level!


Perfect dancefloor tune here that will mix well and get instant results on the floor, i just wish the instrument in the break will appear more throughout the track (that’s where the mixing will have to come in).

Free Download !! Shanti Roots & Scheibosan – Clap your hands (Dub Version) by Scheibosan


man i dont have the words to describe this tune, it is barefoot, it has sick MCs, it is a well-rounded killah!

Ronny Trettmann & Ranking Smo – Gute Alte Zeit (Tipanic remix) by tipanic


Ori Shochat honors Nate Dogg (RIP) with this new-school hiphop beat. Take this opportunity to welcome Shochat to Soulspazm Records (release coming soon).

Curren$y & Nate Dogg – Get It Cracking Ori Shochat Remix by Ori Shochat


Another first for me, El Gayo Nergo mixes Cumbia with Gypsy and Greek sounds in a combo that will sure be tasty in a pita! Top Notch!

Cumbia GYPSY/Greck by El Gayo Negro

Hommie is on fire, this tune moves my feet like the floor is cliente!

El Gayo de Landero by El Gayo Negro


Javier just about killed me with this remix so here I am passing it to you: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?40l0878c4a0mhy8

Gloria Stefan – Conga (Dj Javier Estrada Moombahton Remix ) http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?40l0878c4a0mhy8 by djjavierestrada


Frizzo is my newest discovery in the global bass yard. He sent me a super interesting track (Didgeri Woo) and after exploring his sound further I really liked what I heard so here are some of his latest:


Frizzo – Balkan Lyre by Frizzohttp://www.zshare.net/audio/91093193bbcabf5d/

Frizzo – One Year by Frizzohttp://www.zshare.net/audio/90005355b7f6e37c/

Visualizza articolo…



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