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Extremly experimental track. Waitin for Theorem 2 clips..


yeah, adv coding in python with Ableton Live.


gonna fall in love..


import Live # This allows us (and the Framework methods) to use the Live API on occasion
import time # We will be using time functions for time-stamping our log file outputs
""" All of the Framework files are listed below, but we are only using using some of them in this script (the rest are commented out) """

from _Framework.ButtonElement import ButtonElement # Class representing a button a the controller#
from _Framework.ButtonMatrixElement import ButtonMatrixElement # Class representing a 2-dimensional set of buttons#
from _Framework.ButtonSliderElement import ButtonSliderElement # Class representing a set of buttons used as a slider
from _Framework.ChannelStripComponent import ChannelStripComponent # Class attaching to the mixer of a given track#
from _Framework.ChannelTranslationSelector import ChannelTranslationSelector # Class switches modes by translating the given controls' message channel
from _Framework.ClipSlotComponent import ClipSlotComponent # Class representing a ClipSlot within Live
from _Framework.CompoundComponent import CompoundComponent # Base class for classes encompasing other components to form complex components


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